4 January 2021

La Finca Sports, new proyect of La Finca Resort

La Finca Sports

La Finca Sports is the new multidisciplinary personalised training, physiotherapy and nutrition centre at La Finca Resort.

It’s not just another gym; it’s an uncrowded, high-performance centre that takes a personal approach to your fitness requirements, offering you what your body needs to train and maintain your workout regime, lose weight or whatever specific aims you may have. All sessions are designed with you and for you, so that you can enjoy the experience and achieve your goals.

Our centre at the La Finca golf course offers you a unique, uncrowded space with sweeping views where you can engage in sports under the supervision of coaches specialising in personal well-being, health, high performance, and aesthetics.

Our work methodology is always structured to secure the best outcomes:

  • • A thorough one-to-one interview is conducted initially to determine your physical condition and goals.
  • • A physical and nutritional assessment is then carried out. 
  • • A coach and/or physiotherapist puts together a specific training plan.
  • • The sessions are tailored to your goals.
  • • Sessions can be one-to-one or in small groups but always focusing on individual needs.
  • • Regular evaluations are carried out to track progress. 

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