Discover the Costa Blanca

An invitation for all the senses


Located in the southeast of Spain, the Costa Blanca has unique and incomparable landscapes that will make any traveler dream. Bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it has paradisiacal enclaves and an ideal climate for practicing water sports and outdoor sports in general.

It is important to highlight its rich and well-known Mediterranean gastronomy, based mainly on its rice dishes, fresh fruits & vegetables, and its tasty fish from the local bay. There are many places where you can taste an exquisite cauldron of fish, a vegetable paella or a rich senyoret rice dish. For those with a sweet tooth, the Costa Blanca is famous for its creamy ice creams and also its rich nougat chocolates and fine artisan jams.

It is famous for its diverse natural landscapes such as the "Sierra de Aitana", which offers a distinct landscape away from the sun & beach environment, or the famous salt flats of Santa Pola or Torrevieja which create an ideal setting with their majestic pink waters. You can also visit some small towns hidden between the hills and mountains or the most modern and lively coastal cities with an intense and colourful nightlife.

Pink saltwater lagoon


In addition, the territory is dotted with innumerable archaeological sites that make our visit to the Costa Blanca even more special and unique.

History and monumental architecture mark the landscape of inland towns and cities dotted along the coast. We cannot forget to mention its popular festivals, traditions and the folklore of the Costa Blanca. We celebrate both the Moors and Christians Festival, the Bonfires of San Juan or the spectacular Holy Week of Easter. From north to south of our Region, the culture stands out for its originality, richness, diversity and spectacular being.

There are numerous port marinas and modern boating facilities scattered along the coast, to enjoy the sea and the nautical facilities that Costa Blanca has to offer.

- Plans and Activities-

Beaches and water sports

If you’ve come to La Finca Resort at the heart of the Costa Blanca, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the great beaches near the hotel or enjoy some of the water sports on offer in Torrevieja. We have a free transport service for you at La Finca Hotel (subject to availability and established timetables). 

For the more adventurous, we can suggest various water sports including sailing, parasailing, flyboard, diving or diving baptisms (with an oxygen tank) or snorkelling (diving without an oxygen tank). 

Premium Activities

Discover the Costa Blanca from the air and the wonderful feeling of being in surrounded by nature, exploring the countryside and Alicante coastline.

Choose your experience, and enjoy fantastic views while flying above the coast in a hot-air balloon or ultralight aircraft.



    If you are one of those people who always comes back from holiday with a present, make sure you visit the shopping centres closest to La Finca Resort. The hotel offers several transport services to Torrevieja, a fantastic place with some great shopping in the town centre. You can also stop off at the La Zenia shopping centre, which is very popular among both foreign and local residents

    Cultural Activities

    The Guest Information Centre has an extensive range of options for exploring places of interest in Orihuela, Torrevieja, Elche, Murcia and Alicante. We can give you tourist information, timetables and maps to help you discover anything from amazing natural landscapes to museums and urban environments. If you fancy trying the best wines made from the local Mourvèdre grape, we suggest one of the wine tourism trails that include a visit to nearby vineyards and wine tasting sessions. Please check availability and prices at the Customer Information Centre or at Reception.

    Trails for enjoying sport

    The area around La Finca Resort offers countless possibilities for enjoying sport. We can offer mountain bike trails of varying difficulty, both with or without a guide, as well as trails for running or trekking through the mountains of Orihuela and the area around Torrevieja.

    La Finca Resort has free bicycles for its guests (you just need to leave a deposit, which is returned to you when you return the bicycle), and can also deal with a specialised company for you depending on what you need.